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Asian Tea Blossom Soap

Asian Tea Blossom Soap


Revive your senses with the one-of-a-kind Asian Tea Blossom Soap from Artisan Soaps Boutique Soap Shop. Our handmade soap is carefully crafted with a blend of coconut oil, canola oil, soybean oil, organic shea butter, and other natural ingredients to create the ultimate indulgent bathing experience.


What sets the Asian Tea Blossom Soap apart is its unique fragrance, reminiscent of freshly brewed Red Clover & Tea. With a blend of sweet tea and herbs, this soap offers invigorating notes of light, tangy berries and other fruits. This refreshing scent will awaken your senses and leave you feeling energized, refreshed, and ready for anything that comes your way.


The Asian Tea Blossom Soap is a natural and organic beauty. Our handmade soap is crafted with the finest natural ingredients, ensuring soft, smooth skin after every wash. This luxurious bar soap is the perfect gift for anyone who loves invigorating scents and high-quality natural products.


Step into our boutique soap shop in Ellinwood KS to experience the magic of our Asian Tea Blossom Soap. Trust us, you won't find a soap quite like this one anywhere else!

  • Product Disclaimer

    All products are made in small batches and not every bar is exactly the same. You may see a variation of colors, and strength of frangrance in each batch. The weight per bar may also vary slightly. 

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