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From Farm to Shower, A Family Owned Business

Last Stop Acres was founded in 2021 when Kelli with her two boys and Mark with his son blended their family and settled down in Rice County Kansas. Goats were the livestock of choice and Kelli's mother, Linda, thought she needed an hobby during her retirement and decided that she could turn the Goat's Milk into soap bars and sell it. 


Great Idea except Mark and Kelli's herd were meat goats. So some searching and traveling later, Mark, Kelli and Linda brought home their first Nubian Dairy Goats; Midnight and Khaos. Milk production was good and they were soon swimming in it. They later added their first buckling Merlot and later added Pippa, Joelle, and Space Ranger with the hopes of transitioning to registered stock. 


Mark, Kelli and the boys take care of the goats while Linda manages the soap production.


We hope to grow the business and expand for many years to come. 

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